Audiobooks and ebooks for children



The stories are aimed to nurture good values. Every tale is a seed planted to cultivate kindness, courage, and curiosity in young hearts. 


Our story audiobooks serve as a lullaby that guides your little ones to restful sleep, weaving dreams with the thread of imagination.


These bedtime tales encourage young minds to think critically and creatively, finding solutions in the adventures of characters they grow to admire.


Our stories capture the adventurous spirit of Australia, each Guardian representing a state's unique culture and scenery. Through their eyes, children discover Australia's diversity and richness. 

About the Series

The Dream Guardians are here to become your child's companions at bedtime, offering stories of bravery, kindness, and the magic of the natural world.

For parents looking to enrich their children's bedtime routine, the series serve as bedtime stories that provide lessons in courage, friendship, and the power of imagination.

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Mode of Delivery

Sent directly to your email as both audiobooks and eBooks, these stories are designed to be accessible anytime, anywhere, making bedtime an eagerly awaited adventure.

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  • Volume 1, "Vanishing Colours of the Rainbow," is the inaugural tale that sets the stage for the epic journey ahead, inviting your child to explore the wonders of Australis and beyond.
  • We offer the Origin Series as a free collection that lay the foundation, revealing how each guardian discovered their gem, embraced their powers, and committed to protecting the dreams of children.
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How to craft a perfect bedtime routine with Duski!

Crafting the perfect bedtime routine with Duski is about creating a comforting atmosphere that ushers in a good night's sleep. Begin with a spritz of our gentle sleep spray, infused with calming essential oils, to set a soothing ambiance. As the room fills with soft, serene light from your Duski lamp, tuck your little one in. Now, turn on the Duski bluetooth speaker and play a tale from Dream Guardians of Australis. These steps help your child feel relaxed and ready for dreamtime.

Vanishing Colours of the Rainbow

Vol 1

Join the Duski Dream Guardians on an enchanting journey through Australis, where the Great Rainbow, the heart of the land’s magic, has faded. Fabio the Fox, Oliver the Owl, and their valiant friends unite, wielding gems of Earth, Air, and more, to restore the colors snatched away by the Grey Eclipse. Through mystical lands, from the sparkling Barossa Valley to the bustling streets of Sydney, this vibrant tapestry of adventure weaves tales of friendship, courage, and the indomitable spirit of the Australian wilds. Witness as these heroes conquer darkness, promising to keep their world a kaleidoscope of hope. "Vanishing Colours of the Rainbow" is not just a story—it’s a journey to a world where every hue sings and every chapter dazzles with the promise of new beginnings.

How to craft a perfect bedtime routine?

Creating the perfect bedtime routine for your kids is all about having a serene, comfortable atmosphere that ushers in a good night's sleep. These steps are proven and sleep-specialist approved to help children feel relaxed and ready for nighttime:

Begin with a spritz of the Duski Dream Spray, a gentle sleep spray infused with calming essential oils, to set a soothing ambiance.

As the room fills with a soft light from your Duski Night Lamp, tuck your little one in. You can choose the colour of choice and switch it to red for overnight use. 

Now, turn on the Duski Bluetooth Speaker and play a bedtime story from the tales of Dream Guardians of Australis.

Hear from the Dreamers

My Night Light & Duski

Join us in a cosy, dream-filled world with Duski. Our bedtime storybooks, night lamps, and all sleep aids come together to tuck your child into a peaceful sleep. More than stories, they're a cuddle of goodnight tales that teach and soothe. Each story shines with a soft light, crafting a calm nighttime vibe. Let Duski's gentle glow and warm tales spark your child's wonder, solve little mysteries, and guide them to sweet dreams. It's not just bedtime; it's a soft, learning adventure into the night.

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